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Saturday, May 5th, 2012

Es gibt einen alten Wired Artikel von Neal Stephenson über Unterseekabel im Allgemeinen, das FLAG Projekt im Besonderen und eine Weltreise.1

Today, another 120 years later, we take wires completely for granted. This is most unwise. People who use the Internet (or for that matter, who make long-distance phone calls) but who don’t know about wires are just like the millions of complacent motorists who pump gasoline into their cars without ever considering where it came from or how it found its way to the corner gas station. That works only until the political situation in the Middle East gets all screwed up, or an oil tanker runs aground on a wildlife refuge. In the same way, it behooves wired people to know a few things about wires – how they work, where they lie, who owns them, and what sorts of business deals and political machinations bring them into being.

Neal Stephenson

Deshalb als Einstieg zu dem Thema zwei Moderne Links:

  1. Der Artikel erinnert sehr an das Cryptonomicon, ist aber älter. []

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